I am Christi Hucks //

I am a small town, southern girl. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and most importantly, a child of God.   

I was born and raised in the charming little town Conway of South Carolina - only minutes from the coast. So I spent my summers in the sand and sea. (I have salt in my veins). Along with the sea, I love the blackwater of the Waccamaw River. I love traveling new places. I love gourmet food. I love coffee...and wine. I love Sundays. I love God. I love nature. I love music. I love my husband. I love my boys. I love my family and friends. I love yoga and running (when I can find the time). And I have always had a love for all things beautiful - especially clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. From an early age, I took great care in how I looked. If my socks and hair bow didn't match my outfit, the world would have ended! But, as I grew, so did my sense of style. I realized that not everything had to match. I also realized that not everything had to be perfect. 

I graduated high school with 2 distinct honors - Valedictorian and "Best Dressed". At the time, I thought the latter was the more important of the two. I studied hard - not only the history and science books, but the style "bibles" of Vogue, Glamour, and, oh yeah, Seventeen. I took my knowledge down to the College of Charleston where the fashion of King Street became just as much of an education as the business classes I was taking. After 4 years of fashion training, I left my favorite city on the planet to go to Law School. And all of a sudden, I was hit with the realization that it didn't matter what you looked like when you had your head in a book 12 hours a day. Still, I kept my passion for beautiful things.

And then I got married...to the most beautiful, wonderful, generous, loving and Christian man. We had grown up together. We were friends. We graduated the same year. But, up until the summer of 2004, I had never thought of him in "that" way. I guess the timing was never right for us. But, then it was. Best decision of my life. He loves me the way Christ loves the Church. The way all husbands should loves their wives. And it is because of his love that I slowly started to return to my "roots." While I had grown up going to church and lived in a very Christian home, my life at the age of 25 was worlds away from that childhood upbringing. The pleasures of the world were my God. This didn't change overnight. But each day, month, and year that passed, I slowly regained my relationship with God.

And then I had kids. Two of them. Both boys. Wild and free and smart and beautiful and PERFECT! It is my love for them that changed my heart. I finally "got it". I know how a parent loves a child. I know how God loves us - his children. And this is all I need. 

While I still love clothes and fashion and all things beautiful, I love my family and God more. So when I heard that little voice telling me I needed to give up buying "things" for 1 year, I listened. I know that God has a plan for me. He has something He wants me to learn, to do, to be. And though I don't know what that is yet, I am excited to find out. Thank you for following along with me.

Take less. Give more. Be blessed and inspired. 


  1. ...I just had a few minutes of quiet, "me" time to spend. In typical fashion, I pull out my phone to quickly check my online media sites, peruse through various blogs with my speed-reading glasses, and then I check what Christi is up to. I have to say, though I don't make many comments, I absolutely love everything you're doing! (I am hooked and inspired by your IG journey.) I carefully consider how much "me" time I have so that I can plan to purposefully read your new posts & comments and soak in your generous world, your caring heart and daily scripture message. So, today in my quiet time, I put away my phone and looked at your new blog, in its entirety, on my desktop. :) As I read through your "About Me" section above, your words touch my soul... I felt like I was reading about little pieces of myself too! God definitely has a great plan for you Christi! We are not perfect and you are a strong woman to write on such a personal level about weaknesses. You are also so very strong for listening to your heart and to God; you have a gift of compassion and this journey is touching the lives of so many. You are blessed; your family is blessed; I am blessed. Thank you for choosing to donate your time and energy to such an extraordinary and life-changing pilgrimage. Thank you for sharing, educating, involving and inspiring your “followers”. Less is undeniably More!

    1. Amanda, I cannot hardly put into words what reading your comment has done for my soul. Thank you. Thank you for following my journey. Thank you for investing some of your precious "me" time into reading my posts. Thank you for your support and love. And thank you for taking the time to actually express your feelings. Too often lately, I have been feeling anxious about putting myself out here. I worry what people may think about my honesty. I know not everyone will agree with what I am saying and doing. But to be honest, I am not doing this for them. I am doing this for myself and for people like you who need some truth and inspiration in their lives. I am honored to have you on my side - and traveling with me on this "pilgrimage". Lots of love to you! - Christi