Wednesday, March 19, 2014

1 Tank - 10 Ways: A Collaboration with The White Rabbit

Tomorrow will be the first day of Spring! And what better way to celebrate than by having my next Lenten auction item for charity?! When I think of spring, I think of flowers, birds, Easter, and bunnies. So it was perfectly fitting that the adorable White Rabbit Shop so generously offered to donate one of their "Never Too Hood To Do Good" tanks.

This tank pretty much sums up my motto for the year. It doesn't matter who you are, where you live, or how much money you make, you can always do something to make the world a better place. I decided I would wear this tank with 10 different outfits - each one different and unique. The idea was to show you that, no matter what your individual style, you can rock this tank - and you can make a difference!

So here goes...I'm interested to see which "look" you like the best. So please feel free to comment. And if you want to bid on this super cool tank, head on over to my Instagram feed. The bidding will start at 10:00 AM EST on Thursday, March 20, 2014. And it will end on Friday, March 21, 2014 at 10:00 PM EST. Good luck!

Well, naturally I had to wear some "white rabbit"//

If you're "mad for plaid"//

 If you're headed to a concert //

If you're going on a hot date //

 If you're feeling casual //

If you want a bright and fun pop of color //

If you're feeling sporty //

If you're feeling "Boho"//

If you're feeling like a Dallas Cowgirl //

If you're feeling "springy"//

photos courtesy of Bess Harry 

While your style and mood may change, remember this...

Be stylish. Be you. Take less. Give more.

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