Wednesday, March 5, 2014

40 Days of Lent "Mini-Challenge"

Lent is a religions season that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday - 40 days. Traditionally, you sacrifice something you love as a form of penitence. So many of you had said that  you wished you could do what I'm doing, but didn't think you could make it a year. So I had an idea! Why not offer up a 40 Day "Mini-Challenge" during Lent? The rules would be the same: no buying any clothing, shoes, or accessories for yourself. But, the period of time would be shorter. This would be the perfect way to give yourself a little "detox" from shopping, but not have to commit to an entire year. 

Rather than giving up chocolate, sweets, or some other luxury, I asked my followers on Instagram and Facebook to try giving up shopping for themselves. By doing so, they can get a little glimpse into what it feels like to "take less" and "give more". I was overwhelmed at the number of you who decided to do it - 55 new "teammates" (as of March 5) and counting!! Can't wait to hear all of your stories. 


  1. You totally inspired me-- I heard your story through instagram-- and I decided to give up shopping for a year as well. I love shopping, so this will be a huge challenge, but I'll be blogging my way through it. Good luck! I love what you're doing. :)

    1. Lauren, So glad to have you following along. Best of luck to you this year! I would love to hear how you're doing with it. Please feel free to email me anytime! There is strength in numbers. - Christi